Cobra F-MAX Airspeed Driver

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The new Cobra F-Max Airspeed Drivers are unbelievably light and fast to accommodate the golfer that aspires to achieve a greater swing speed and hit longer drives.

From the head to the shaft, the Airspeed design has been carefully constructed to save every possible gram. Having an economical mindset throughout the engineering process has resulted in a total of 13g grams saved, with the total driver weight sitting at 270g (50g lighter than the F9) - a club creation that helps moderate club speeds generate more power and distance.

Head weight-saving = -2 grams
Grip weight-saving = -6 grams
Shaft weight-saving = -5 grams
(Club weight savings compared to predecessor)

The removal of shaft pain not only saves 2 grams of mass, but it also symbolises Cobra’s attention to detail to manufacture an ultra-lightweight product to help the golfer with the average clubhead speed.

As this range is targeting the golfer that requires more elevation from the tee, a lighter carbon crown has been supplemented from the original titanium shell - saving a further 10 grams of weight which can be redistributed to a more optimum location to improve launch from the tee.

With the ‘Speed’ part of ‘Airspeed’ being achieved by the mass weight savings, the ‘Air’ part is critical to driver optimisation. With this in mind, Cobra has positioned PWR Ridges to the top of the crown, to improve aerodynamics and also assist with alignment from the tee.

  • 50 grams lighter than F9
  • Lightweight Carbon Crown
  • PWR Ridges improving alignment and airflow
  • Back/Heel weighting to enhance dynamic launch.