Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter - Ten

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The Odyssey Stroke Lab Black - Ten Putters are the latest Odyssey putters to optimise a golfers putting stroke with extra stability and advanced weight-distribution techniques with Stroke Lab.  

The introduction of Stroke Lab changed putter engineering and weight distribution forever. The multi-material shaft is designed to improve putting tempo and overall consistency, giving you a better chance of holing more putts. Now, with growing popularity on tour, the Stroke Lab returns in the latest Odyssey putters to compliment new high-MOI heads.

These MOI enhanced head constructions make the putters really stable at impact, preventing twisting on the common mishit areas, for straighter and more controlled putts.

After receiving tour feedback, a new Microhinge Star insert has been born. This new insert promotes a firmer feel and improved sound at impact and is already the choice of some of the best players in the world.